Faculty of Animal science and Veterinary Medicine (FASVM) was found at the same time with the university in 1955. In total, there are 71 staffs in FASM including 42.3% PhD, 36.6% MSc working in areas of vet science and animal science.

During the period of 55 years, FASVM has been training more than 10,000 bachelors of animal science, doctors of vet medicine, master and phd working in most of professional state organizations, companies, and industrial farms. Many research studies have performed at FASVM and transferred to field such as sustainable animal production using availabe foodstuff, production of nutrition supplements, animal breeding, applied modern technique in disease diagnose, animal waste treatment…

FASVM has close relationships to other universities, institutes, and companies in the country, for example, Cantho university, Hue university, Hanoi agricutite university, institute of veterinary and animal husbandry, provincial agriculture extension. In addition, FASVM has cooperation with many internationl organizations and univeristy such as SIDA SAREC (Sweden) ; Lyons, Toulouse, Nantes University (France); ACIAR, Queensland university (Australia); FAO ; UNDP, and many other cooperated training with organization from US, The Netherland, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, v.v...

Graduating from FASVM, students have strong background and skill to work in variety of professional organizations such as provincial vet services, agri extension, vet med companies, feed mills, industrial farms … over the country

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