There are 2  level of graduated education: Master and Doctor. For these 2 levels, there are 2 fields: Veterinary medicine and Animal husbandry.

In order to be accepted into master program, applicants have to pass an entrance exam which often hold in August every year. The exam will include 2 subjects: Biostatictis and Biophisiology. After passing the exam, graduated student will have 1 year for course work and another year for doing reseach which would be defensed.

For Phd level, applicants have to look for a supervisor who has a project. Defensing a project proposal is considered as entrance exam. After accepted, PhD student spent 4-5 years to finish the program. The program includes at least 10 credits of course work and 3 seminars, then final defece at 2 level - faculty level and university level.


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