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This program has been established by the Ministry of Education and Training at selected universities to improve education quality at university level in Vietnam. The selected universities would choose one to two distinction regular programs to improve by using cirriculum of the equivelant program taught at an wellknow university in a developed country.

Program of Doctor of Veterinary medicine was selected to modified in to advanced program. We use curriculum of Vet training from University of Queensland, Australia. This university was ranking in top 100 in 2013-2014 (TSL Education Ltd Registered in England) in the world. Students applied to this program will be taught follow this curriculum by lecturers from Universtiy of Queensland and others from other countries as well as Vietnamese teachers who grduated from deleveloped countries at higher education

Currently, there are 4 intakes of this program. We will have the first intake graduating in 2015

For more informayion, please visit our website

Website of this program


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